All Natural

I have all the awe for Mother Nature. How nature keeps the life on earth go on and on, how everything in life from micro to macro are a part of it and dictated by the life force unknowingly. We human beings, the brutal dictators of this beautiful earth, too are dictated by the life force and hence we exist.   A mother’s love is the greatest love and I tend to believe that after becoming one. Mother’s love is unconditional, yes definitely unconditional in any way I look at it. Think about it more and feels like the unconditional love is an outcome of the hormones that are working in me –transforming me to be a great biological caretaker. These hormones make me want to take care of my dependent baby that needs years of care to grow and survive on its own. Isn’t this the way life force dictates me to be a good mother to sustain life, which seems to be the core objective for Mother Nature? No one would call maternal instincts forced – it’s the most natural form of love that we know of, and I am not at all questioning it.

We all are dictated by nature to sustain life and that is so natural!

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