Awakening the Inner Buddha

I have been in search for a statue of Buddha for a long time. A Buddha face that helps me transcend and experience beyond my daily existence. Either I would come across a mass produced “no details” sculpture or an exorbitantly priced one – both reminding me of the commercialization of a spiritual concept. One day, a small Buddha sculpture caught my eye, captured my senses and I brought it home. There was a sense of delight, a feeling of bringing in some spiritual energy home. I figured out a private corner in my room (like an inner sanctuary) to place the statue. That corner of my room became the manifestation of the deepest within me. Whenever I crossed the corner there seemed to be a pull. A pull to take a few deep breath, stay still & calm enough to listen to how I inhale & exhale. It felt good to follow the pull. After at some point of time this corner in my room became just another corner. I became immune to the pull or should I say I became immune to my inner Buddha.


In our daily grind we lose touch with our inner Buddha making us immune to the pains and suffering of others around us. Stories about people getting killed somewhere is just a flash news to be talked about around the office coolers. Life goes on, we move on with ever growing numbness to the sufferings around us. In my busy routine I hardly notice my Buddha, It is still there and while I was dusting it today there is a sense of guilt but that soon subsides as I move on with my cleaning chore.

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