The Highs & Lows

 Happiness is not a permanent state of mind. We always get satiated with what was once the source of happiness. Someone said happiness is contentment. In true words contentment isn’t a complete state of happiness. Contentment is happiness in a miniature form like happiness in a bottle. Like filling up a little bit of the sea water and keeping it on the table reminding me of the great ocean, I once experienced. Contentment would mean I am no longer in the quest for more happiness.   Sorrow too is not a steady state either. We get over any intensity of pain. After a certain point, the source of sorrow does not seem to impact us anymore. That is our human survival tactics, we are hard wired that way.   Let me not try to make happiness my permanent state, either it is frustrating or it is a facade. We are made to ride the high and the low waves. The highs triggering the lows and the lows pushing itself to the new highs waiting to be explored.

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