The Dew Drop

I woke up to the quietness of the dawn,

Opened the window to see the crispness of my lawn.

 Everything around me is still,

Took a deep breath, with freshness I fill.

The thin vapor of my inner being is awake,

 I try touching it and it condenses into a little dew drop to take.

 Let me kiss this sparkling pure drop, not long it would stay,

This “moment of being”  might just evaporate in the heat of the day.

There and Then

I conceptualize, visualize – I am already “there & then”.  I just have to take everyone  who are “here & now” to the “there and then”. My axis is here but the radius of my visualization makes me draw circles in time and space that’s yet to come. Is it a blessing or a curse? I am  more in my visualized world of “there and then” and when the “there & then” turns to be “here and now” – I would have already moved on drawing conceptual circles beyond now!

(Dedicated to all the conceptualizers and visualizers – the small & big who keep  inspiring everyone else around)

My trail of bread crumbs

My life is my journey of self discovery. These notes are my way of staying in touch with me. I am left in a jungle of perceptions and perceptual errors, these notes are my bread crumbs that I leave behind as trails to make sure I don’t lose myself. The cottage built of cookies and cakes lures the Hansels and Gretels of the world including me. Hope the birds don’t eat up my bread crumbs, and then I am LOST.

The Irony

How different are fashion trends from uniforms? We all need someone to tell us what to wear, what’s “in” and what isn’t.   We love to be led and yet be convinced that we make our choices.  We love to be part of a herd and yet feel we have chosen our own way. We blend in and yet like to feel we stand out. We just opt to chose which herd to follow or sometimes that also is not an option.

Signature Blend

As we move  towards the path of self discovery and try to answer the most obvious question – ” Who am I”.  The more we try to separate the chaff from the rice, the more we would  find that the rice and chaff are all part of us. The chaff is equally part of us as the rice.  We have little bit of everyone who had been a part of our lives – knowingly, unknowingly – as part of nature and nurture, biological and emotional associations.

“I am the sum of the whole, a blend of them all but a unique blend.The blend is me …a signature blend ! “

Blurred Boundaries

My son talks to me about different worlds. the Sponge Bob’s world, Nemo’s world and at times I see him talking to the miniature Lego buddies from the Lego land that he creates . He wants me to be part of these worlds as he juggles between these worlds.  Is it childish or have we just  lost the ability to juggle between many lives as part of our growing up. Growing up also meant honing the ability to focus on one’s own life and achieve. I remember during school days how I used to be lost while reading poems and stories – travel places while reading geography chapters and traveling back in time being part of the kingdom, fighting battles while reading my history lessons. I loved it all.

Work of art  still lets me cross my boundaries experience other lives and perspectives. Such pieces of art are an ultimate experience and these artists are revered for their ability to get me out of my boundaries.  When my heart aches at people’s sorrows, rejoices at their joy, frowns at injustices done to someone,  I have then blurred my boundaries to live many lives making the experience called “my life”  richer.

The generation that is so focused on “focus” and “achievement”, empathy might seem like the characteristic of the fools or rather too emotional to be uttered. The experience of leaving the boundary of the self and accompanying the emotional journeys of many …  expanding the boundary (or when the boundaries are blurred) of the self and feeling the joy and pain of the whole universe should be beautiful because – then I am the universe and the universe is me!