I am the caterpillar who keeps on feeding. I am always hungry for more – more of everything. Insatiable are my material desires and self- obsession. What I feed on also depends on what’s available and valued around me – the cultural baggage, the networks that I associate my net worth with.

The goal of nature is not to fill this place with millions of over grown, bloated caterpillars. Each caterpillar has a unique butterfly within, waiting to emerge and take flight. To transform into a butterfly, I definitely need to be a caterpillar first keep feeding my instincts – but there needs to be a pupa phase in my life of looking inwards for self realization and henceforth come out with my wide open wings.

The quality of the human society is determined by the eco system it provides to propagate this metamorphosis in each individual. The world is much more beautiful with butterflies spreading their wings, flocking from flower to flower, spreading love. I wouldn’t want to visualize a world full of over grown, bloated caterpillars found creeping everywhere fighting over the left over leaves on the  bare plants.

The form and the formless

I dwindle between the form and the formless. There is a very fine line between the form and the formless. What has form now becomes formless in an instance and the formless takes up some form in a moment of being. There is a rite of passage – a pain in the crossing over but the bliss after the pain is worth any pain. People who dwindle between the form and the formless are in constant pain of labor.

The term “real” to me is confusing. If something is beyond my sensory horizon, that does not mean it is non existent. Maybe my surreal is real for someone else as my sensory and thought horizons are my limitations very specific to me.


Image Art courtesy: Octavio Ocampo (Mexican artist who is known for his paintings illusion with a dual-image)

Thought – O – Sphere

My sensory experiences evaporate to form my thoughts. The thought vapor condenses into my actions; my actions drench the world around me leading to more experiences that would eventually evaporate to form thoughts.

While I am in my thought-o-sphere, I first see it without my physical eyes, zoom it for the intricate details, feel the touch, listen to the feeble sound, and taste the unique mix of flavors.  Aaah! I am in my thought-o-sphere. The colors, the flavors, the shapes, sounds – all float around  in my thought-o-sphere. The real world around me is a subset of my thought-o-sphere.   My life can be as rich as my thought-o-sphere or as bland as my thoughtlessness.